Thursday, March 16, 2017 Tour of Limestone

  1. Make view face front of White Building
  2. Make face Cooper
  3. Make face Dixie Lodge
  4. Have one going into Dixie Lodge
  5. Face going back out until the main campus
  6. Fix orientation in all of Granberry
  7. Add another spot to Winnie
  8. Fix orientation in Winnie
  9. Fix orientation in library
  10. Out of lib not going to central campus
  11. Fix auditorium orientation
  12. Out of auditorium going outside of lib and auditorium
  13. Field Trip good
  14. Show more of Montgomery?
  15. Fix orientation of Carroll
  16. Show downstairs of Carroll
  17. Fix orientation inside of Hamrick

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rule of Thirds Live Blog

*Rule of Thirds- Divide screen into thirds horizontally and vertically

Put people or objects on those lines

Becomes more appealing to the eye

*180 Degree Rule- Make imaginary line and keep camera on one side, don't go 360

*Three Point Lighting

Key light (big bright light)

Fill light (helps key light, softer, shadows)

Back light/hair light (separates from background)


Diffusion in front of light will flatter, soften and spread light

tips- nose room, more space in front of nose
        head room, no space above head, eyes are 2/3 way up frame
        hands not popping out of frame
        spend as much time thinking about background as subject and foreground

Mise En Scene- setting and mood in scene