Thursday, January 26, 2017

Style Sheet with Reflection!

Making the Style Guide for my brand taught me a lot of different things about fonts, logos, color schemes, and what I want my personal brand to show. It took me a while to get exactly what I wanted my logo to look like, but with the help of InDesign and Adobe Illustrator I finally created one I really liked. My font was easier to decide, because I used it in the cursive letters in my logo. I chose that font for the logo because of how nicely the S and the D connect together. At first I had a background of two separate circles, but decided it looked better as one. I want my logo to read as neat, creative, organized, and assertive. This project was a lot of fun and I plan to continually update my brand as I learn more about what I want it to illustrate.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Branding Book Questions!

1. What makes good branding?

There are various topics that make a brand stand out and catch the attention of others and some of those factors include knowing your customers and staying loyal to them, having a strategy for your brand on how you will get yourself out there, and then having a great design to your brand that will catch the attention of others. 

By staying loyal to customers you have to satisfy their needs and accommodate to what they like. Get to know your customers and connect with them so they feel important and wanted to your business. 

By having a strategy for your brand you need to know how, when, where, and who you are going to brand yourself to or your business. Without a strategy, a businesses organization and plan will most likely not be as successful. 

By having a great design a business can make a worlds difference in their success. As stated in the branding book, a good logo can make all the difference for a business. The brands logo should illustrate something you are saying about the brand. 

Also, a brand should be consistent with the customers, strategy, and design to keep their business successful. 

2. What Branding principles are mentioned that I can apply?

Anyone can create a logo or symbol that represents their brand. All companies create their own unique logo that separates them from other businesses.

Originality can be implemented by any business, because they can create new ideas and thoughts that are positively different than other brands. 

Brand experience can also be a principle used, because everyone has their own experiences and trials that allowed them to learn what they know, and that can be put into a brand and its purpose. 

3. How can I make my brand using colors, fonts, etc.?

Images/Filters- Each brand can choose filters or a theme of filters for their brand, so that when people see certain images, they can recognize them or the filter that they have on them as your brand. Personally I love filters with high brightness and warm colors, so that could be put into my theme. 

Color- Brands can choose colors that go with the point or image their brand is trying to portray. Each color has a symbolic meaning connected with it, for example, green is connected to freshness and nature and yellow goes along with happiness and joy. So a brand should choose colors with what they are trying to portray. The colors should also be complementary, which can be shown on a color wheel as the colors opposite of each other. 

Fonts- There are thousands of beautiful typefaces created over the years, and each one can give off a certain vibe. A brand should choose a font that represents what they are trying to say. 

4. What did I learn from the case studies?

The case studies gave different examples of how brands combined all aspects of design like Images/Filters, Colors, and Fonts to represent their brand and how that effects the businesses overall success. There were different pictures of colors tones, fonts, and images a company used, which allowed us to see various examples and how each one are different, but appealing in their own way. It also allowed me to start to decide which fonts, colors, filters, I would choose for my own brand and I formed different opinions about all of the ones shown.