Thursday, September 29, 2016

VR pictures with Google Camera

2d picture of classmates:

3d picture link:

3d picture:

This was made using the website:

VR Post Share

Check out this article to read about some of the amazing things VR and YouTube are currently doing in October relating to Halloween!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meme with some rights reserved

Photographer: Roberto Gonzalez
Changes: made into a meme


1. To make into a humorous meme for class
2. The nature was taking a humorous picture of a dog
3. Pro photographer using a Sony DSC-P72
4. Positive effect on the market with numerous views

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Freegal Pictures

CC0 Public Domain: Free for commercial use, no attribution required
CC0 License: Free for personal & commercial use, no attribution required


Monday, September 26, 2016

18 pictures with photography skills!

View of roommates with camera from a lower view

Straight on view of project

Picture of light post from below

Front object blurry and back object focused

Straight on view of roommates wall

view of wall art from below, casting shadow

person closer to camera than the background view

above view of project

view of flower in top third quadrant

roommate walking on campus with Limestone in the back

Same view of roommate posing and not walking

view of Granberry with vanishing points

view of sky the other night at Pfieffer with lower third of building

picture from side view showing different sizes

lower view of door looking up

front object close and objects behind blurry

candid of roommate on field showing lines

attempted view of golden time of soccer field

created memes!!

My friend on a big slide in Myrtle Beach,  sliding in your DM's is a popular meme

Old picture of me, another popular meme saying

picture of my boyfriend when he shaved his head

A picture of my coach

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Funny memes

This meme is from the show Game of Thrones and this is a character who is the mother of dragons, but the meme is poking fun at it. Everyone loves a good avocado. 

I am not sure what picture this meme is from, but I think everyone can relate to it. When you hear your parents say your full name, you know you're in trouble. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Photography tip photos!

Low & close angle of graphic design project

Low angle looking up at Saints

View of Saints field (lower 3rd)

Dedication prewar from high angle

Side view of bench (balance of left,lower and right,upper 3rds)

Reflection view of water

View of field & sky (3rds)

Close view of popsicle with background

High view of yummy food

Tilted camera view of canvas's

tilted & low view of pool

Straight on view through fence

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Live Blog Pat Wright

Key aspects for taking pictures!!

*Composition- process in which something is made
* To get ideas: talk to each other, trial & error, see what others are doing

  • Incorporate places, people, and activities naturally
  1. Shoot tight and keep empty space to a minimum
  2. Shoot sharp (hold camera still or tripod)
  3. Use different angles (landscape & portrait)
  4. Use different camera lenses
  5. Aware of light and how it effect composition
  6. Rule of thirds (rectangle in thirds)
  • take more than one shot
  • carry media cards
  • carry batteries
  • set camera time/date
  • keep image resolution high

Monday, September 19, 2016

3 part VR research process!


Looking through and "flipping" different magazine articles about virtual reality was very interesting. I never thought that research would be so appealing, but when you're reading about futuristic and entertaining things, then time really does fly by. Just by looking at the titles of some of the articles, you can already tell the endless possibilities that VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) bring. Some of the more interesting topics under the VR section in Flipboard to me were all of the scary apps and videos being created for it, the possibility of seeing a vacation before deciding to go on one, how to possibly lose weight with VR, and how they are taking the ideas of escape rooms and making some for VR. Flipboard was easy to use and also brought so many appealing articles about VR.

Reading & Deciding

As I mentioned above some of the articles that caught my eye, all of them that I flipped through seemed that they had interesting information bout VR. I flipped or saved all of the ones that I personally wanted to know more about, but it was also neat to hear about the articles that other people in the class saved. To look at VR as a way to lose weight brings so many possibilities. Many people think that that it will only make people lazier, but an article I read described that the game Audiosheild by the HTC Vive promotes activity and sometimes can even make you break a sweat. Another article that was one of my favorites was one about using VR glasses to view a vacation before you actually decide to go on one. I would have never thought of using VR to plan vacations. A VR specialist and vacation operator have partnered and using the Samsung VR have already taken people to New York, Egypt, Cypress, Greece, and Singapore. There were so many amazing articles and the best part about all of them is that we can experience what they are talking about for ourselves.


After saving all of the articles I liked to my magazine in Flipboard, I had to choose some of my favorites to post to my Pinterest. I created a Pinterest board titled Virtual Reality Research and put my favorite articles from my Flipboard into it. I chose my top ten articles and shared them to my account. By doing that I am filtering down the wide variety of articles to just the ones that really interest me enough to inform others about them. Sharing the articles from Flipboard to Pinterest was a little confusing at first, but once I found out a shorter way on how to do it, it was extremely helpful. It was fun to go through this whole process of research in VR and I can't wait to see what else VR brings us in the near future.

Using tablets

This week we were also given Amazon Fire tablets in class and got to use them for our research on
Flipboard and Pinterest. I had never had any type of tablet before, but my mom has an iPad, so I was somewhat used to it. Using the websites or apps on the tablet was different than the view of them from a laptop or smart phone. I first found out how to share my magazines to Pinterest on the tablet and it took me time to figure out how to do it on the laptop and phone. Having the tablet will be so nice, because it is pretty much a mini computer that is easy portable and accessible. I know I will enjoy having the tablet and will become more familiar with it the more I use it and play around on it.

To check out my Flipboard Magazine or VR research board on Pinterest click the links below!!!!

Check out my VR Pinterest Page!!

Click the picture!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Playing with VR

Playing around with the VR box glasses was so fun!! The day we got them, the first thing I did was show them to my roommates and let them try some. I started out doing the Cedar Point Roller Coaster Ride one, and then also tried some of the streams on the Within app. The streams on the Within app look so realistic and no matter which way you turn your head, there is always something showing on the screen. I tried Valen's Reef and The Click Effect first on the app, because I liked the underwater theme, it was like I was actually under water with the animals. Then my roommates and I tried the Sisters app, because we all love scary movies and it was like you were really in the woods once you put the headphones in and everything. All of our favorites was the Catatonic on the Within app, which was a wheelchair ride through an insane asylum, where at the end there are a bunch of scary characters popping up onto the screen in a circle. That one really grabbed my roommates attention and scared them the most. The only other app I got a chance to try was the Discovery VR app, which was amazing. With just that one app, I got to go inside Stephen Curry's daughters playhouse on an episode of Playhouse Makers, I got to swim with sharks on an episode of Shark Week, and I also got to be an inmate on an episode of one of the favorite shows "I Almost Got Away With It". The quality of the videos was the best on the Discovery app too. The VR glasses were so much fun and interesting at the same time. I can't wait for other TV channels to come out with a VR app, so I can watch other streams for those shows too. Here are some pictures and videos of my friends trying the glasses!